Top Software Trends to Watch in 2016

Top Software Trends to Watch in 2016

People who venture in software testing had a lot to keep up with in 2015 because of many emerging trends. It is also evident that 2016 has not been exempted from the same experience. There are a lot of new trends in software testing out there, but we will only give you ones that have made significant impact in the industry.

computer-network-grey Most testing techniques are now specific to industriesIn a report released by TechNavio, many new testing applications are now specific to industries. Technology savvies believe that this trend is envisaged to improve software testing services significantly. With a wide variety of challenges marked by new developments, companies now prefer to align software testing applications with specialization in mind. Companies such as Infosys have streamlined their production channels to offer specialized testing services to insurance, retail and healthcare industries.

computer-network-grey Cloud testing is more popular

Many people from different companies and individuals have warmed up to cloud since it was invented despite many security risks associated with it. Cloud services are ideal for those who are looking for flexibility and high-end accessibility to system integration testing and the test environment. Most software testing service providers now offer testing tools that use cloud to offer software solutions. The services usually follow an organized payment mode featuring pay-per-use technique. According to financial analysts, moving to cloud has the potential to reduce more than 40% of total investment costs in technology. The companies can also reduce the costs of maintaining the software.

computer-network-grey There is increased focus on automated processes

With advanced technology, there is no excuse for developers who fail to tap into rich resources available to make life better for companies and individuals. Manual testing will soon be a thing of the past. Testers no longer have to come and watch the processes all the time. With automated software, developers focus on the quality of the product right from the beginning to the end hence enhancing application quality assurance. Automation is largely beneficial to businesses that value speed and cost-effective servicing. Pundits predict that the market of automated software is likely to grow by 100% in the next two years, which is remarkable for a new trend.

computer-network-grey Increased popularity of mobile apps as a testing option

With increased technology, almost every web application has a mobile alternative. Despite the strict app store approval channels, the mobile alternatives have grown day in day out to provide options designed to propel the growth of testing softawre. However, most web applications cannot run well on mobile platforms due to compatibility issues. This means that it is important for developers to pre-test the apps for compatibility, especially if the operating systems are different. You can find additional resources by visiting QA Consultants.

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