Strategies For Effectively Marketing Your Courier Services

Strategies For Effectively Marketing Your Courier Services

To start and run successful courier services doesn’t necessarily require lots of capital. If you have in place a smart marketing plan, you will soon be having a steady stream of clients. Implementing a marketing strategy designed to help in building up your customer base is a critical component of your success.

Know Your Business Plan

Most likely, as you were developing your courier business model, you looked at what the competition is doing. Certainly, take note of the type of services being provided by others but purpose to offer only those which your company can perform better, with higher quality. Let what you are providing be unique, only accessible from your courier service. All your marketing efforts ideally should focus on the strengths that your Canadian company has.

Develop a Good Website

For success, marketing could in fact be everything. Develop a good and working website, and if your budget allows, consider hiring a professional web designer to assemble your site and also guide you how to best run it.

Your business website must be easy to use. It ought to have all the vital information your clients are likely to require such as contact details, shipping and courier rates whenever they wish to get in touch as well as your services. Have brochures as well as other relevant printed materials. Ensure you have sufficient business cards to hand out to potential shipping clients.

The Right Tools

It goes without saying that first of all, having a reliable vehicle or truck is a must. The key word here is “reliable” because if your courier vehicles keep on breaking down a lot, then you are setting yourself for failure. Having a GPS unit also helps as it is simply easier and safer to use than relying on a map.

A small business shipping and courier company cannot afford to forget those small but important items such as moving blankets for protecting fragile items. Your employees should be trained to leverage latest time-saving mechanisms like utilizing software tracking technology and shipping rates calculators.

Dress for Success

As a reputable courier service, you will want to always project professionalism. Among the easiest ways of doing that is to have your personnel dress professionally. Wearing a polo shirt that bears the business name of your company is a great idea. Your staff could wear caps that also bear your business name and logo.

The key is to look good and of course, be friendly. Treat your customers like you would your friends and never forget to smile. If you build good initial relationships with your clients, you can be sure they will keep coming back whenever they need courier services.


Small business shipping and courier services promotional strategies are exceptionally diverse. If you want success, it’s time to adopt some of the marketing trends and strategies mentioned above that are proven to deliver results. The secret lies in providing courier services that are not available from the more established and bigger Canadian firms. Additional resources are available at the Flagship Courier Solutions website.

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