Customs Brokers– Leveraging On The Services Provided

Customs Brokers– Leveraging On The Services Provided

The majority of international traders depend on the services offered by licensed customs brokers to get their cargo and shipments cleared at the respective borders. For each cross border transaction, reams of business data needs to be generated on a diversity of issues such as suppliers, tariff classifications, country of origin, destinations, routings, and much more.

Traditionally, importers and exporters have relied on customs brokers for gathering such information and clearing the goods through respective customs. Today, however, besides these standard benefits, many traders are learning that more can be achieved with a professional who has adequate knowledge regarding the procedures and laws relating to importing and exporting in Canada as per the Customs Act.

Gathering Business Intelligence

Over the recent years, the world has seena sharp rise in the number of customs brokers as well other types of trade brokers, mainly attributable to the growing importance being attached to transportation and shipping logistics.

Customs brokers are now equipped to provide exporters and importers with an increasing range of specialized services towards exploring new markets, developing new product lines, evaluating the global change impact, and in cutting business costs. They are now helping traders leverage that kind of information, transforming such data into useful and critical business intelligence.

Brand Growth and Reputation Protection

Sluggish business growth and big shipments fees may not be the only concerns that can be brought by inefficiently implemented customs processes. Your business operations can also suffer due to unreliable commercial importsand exports.

If your export/import business becomes known for frequent customs clearance mistakes, it will not only disrupt operations, but also give you a bad reputation. If your shipments are actually getting inspected more frequently due to suspected clearance errors, getting a professional and experienced Canadian customs brokerage firm may be your best option for they understand the requirements and procedures.

Good for New Startups

A common misconception by new businesses is that only established or big businesses could benefit from the services of a customs broker. What is likely to happen is what may have started out as a minor customs error at the beginning, such as an erroneous tariff classification, could potentially grow into a huge problem once business volume grows and shipments are larger. This is why it is advisable to seek advice and guidance from an experienced Canadian customs broker from the planning stages of your cross-border transaction.


Although the simplification of most Canadian customs clearance procedures has had its impact on the growth of this sector, slowing it down slightly, the number of customs brokers is still expected to continue increasing over the coming years, but at a slower pace. Working with an experienced Canadian customs broker that is fully conversant with the provisions of Customs Brokers Licensing Regulations is perhaps the best way of ensuring your commercial imports and exports business’ success and staying compliant.

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