7 Things to Consider Before Adding a Skylight to Your Roof

7 Things to Consider Before Adding a Skylight to Your Roof

Images of skylights in the roofing of homes look great and make it a tempting idea to bring in more natural light. Below are a few things to consider before hiring a roofer to install your new skylight.

1. Is the Risk of Roofing Problems Worth the Benefits?

Any holes you make in the roof to add things like vents, chimneys, or skylights create natural weaknesses that water can eventually find a way through. Carefully consider whether it’s worth the future hassle of dealing with the inevitable leaking and need for repairs.

2. How Large Do You Want to Go?

One large skylight can allow in a generous amount of natural light and reduce your dependence on bulb lighting during the day. Some homeowners prefer several small skylights. Discuss your natural lighting wants and needs with a qualified roofing service before making any final decisions.

3. Is Your Property Filled With Trees?

Two reasons exist that make the mix of skylights and trees a recipe for problems. One is the possibility of debris damage from blowing and falling limbs. Another guaranteed problem is the buildup of blowing and free-falling leaves that gather around the skylight. It can require a little extra attention to keep your skylight cleaned.

4. Are You Prepared for the Extra Maintenance?

The care and maintenance of a skylight translate directly into extra cash to have the work done by professionals. Cleaning the glass, removing debris, fixing a break, or repairing a leak all cost money over and above regular roof repair and maintenance.

5. Can You Add Extra Natural Lighting Without Touching the Roof?

Allowing extra amounts of natural light into a home is a trendy and healthy thing to do, but is the addition of a skylight the only way to accomplish this goal? Consider the possibilities of adding a sliding glass door, French doors, or an expansive window system. All will provide a great deal of light without the risk of a future roof leak. Check out Cherry and Clark Roofing if you would like to learn more information.

6. Do You Live In a Windy Area?

Nothing can crack or otherwise damage a skylight faster that a chunk of debris being carried by high winds. The impact angle and strength can cause tremendous damage. Think carefully about the benefits and risks of adding a skylight if the area experiences frequent high winds.

7. Will It Reduce Your Snow Load Capacity?

Adding a few skylights will brighten up the interior of the home, but it can drastically weaken the roof. You may lose some of the snow load capacity, which can lead to roofing failures in the winter months.

Discuss all of your concerns and skylight plans with a roofer and make the best decision based on the wants and needs of you and your family.

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