6 Reasons To Get DNA Testing Completed

6 Reasons To Get DNA Testing Completed

When you are concerned about your health or just want to be more informed about the future, DNA testing can be a great option to consider. It is done to give people a more accurate and specific record of information to use when making decisions about family health and medical care. Below are some of the top reasons you should consider getting DNA tests completed.

1. Family History Of Genetic Diseases

If your family history includes genetics diseases, the testing can help you understand more clearly your level of risk. It will help you determine if you have the gene for diseases. However, it cannot tell you if you will get the disease or not. It gives you the opportunity to make decisions based on the situation.

2. Planning For Children

If you plan to have children, testing your DNA can help you find which genetic diseases you may be a carrier of beforehand. You can carry traits for diseases even if your parents didn’t have the disease.

3. Prenatal Screening Of Unborn Children

This is a controversial topic for many parents. Some will choose to have testing of DNA completed on their unborn babies to get prepared for the chance of their child being born with certain diseases. This is different than a screening of newborns which tests for over 30 types of known genetic disorders. Prenatal testing can look for disorders that need treatment right after birth such as retinoblastoma which is a tumor that can cause blindness shortly after birth if not treated immediately.

4. You Are Sick

If you have been battling an unknown illness, getting DNA testing can help find out what disorder or disease you are fighting. You and your team of doctors will be able to use the results of your testing to make informed decisions on your medical care and treatment plans.

5. Understand Medication Interactions

Some parts of testing will help you figure out how certain types of medications will be processed by your body and how your body will react to them. This information will help your doctor tailor a treatment plan and locate medications that will work best for your type of genetic makeup.

6. Contribute To Genetic And Disease Research

There are various organizations that research specific diseases. Your DNA tests may be able to help further their studies and improve possible treatment plans for those suffering from a disease. Your contributions may benefit thousands of people and scientists learning about how diseases affect people.

These are just some of the many benefits of getting DNA testing completed. Whether you are sick, concerned about your children or just want to help people in the future get better treatments for diseases, there are no downsides to the testing. Are you interested in learning more? Visit CRI Genetics for additional information.

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