5 Misconceptions about Divorce Mediation

5 Misconceptions about Divorce Mediation

Divorce doesn’t have to be a fight where the two parties are contesting for property and child custody. The reason why people opt for a contested divorce is that many divorcing couples believe that going to court and hiring a divorce lawyer is the only way of finding justice. However, it is possible to get a divorce without setting foot in a courtroom if you are willing to. Here are common misconceptions about divorce mediation.

1. Mediators are usually biased

Unfortunately, many people don’t result in divorce mediation because they think that the process will be unfairly judged. That is incorrect because mediators are neutral third parties that don’t lobby for either side. A mediator is required to be impartial and unbiased throughout the entire process. He or she should speak for both parties. The most important outcome is coming up with a workable resolution to handle all issues relating to the divorce.

2. Divorce mediation is expensive

There are too many lies in this statement. You don’t have to pay any upfront fees. Fees are remitted by the hour, which is usually at the end of every mediation session. That way, you can track the amount of money you are spending. Also, the quicker you agree, the less the money you have to pay.

3. You don’t need a divorce attorney if you result for mediation

Couples engaging in divorce mediation are advised to seek the help of a divorce lawyer. The legal expert will provide legal options, reviews, advice, and assist them in making changes to their suggestions. A divorce lawyer will also advise both parties on whether their settlement is fair or not. Therefore, having an attorney helps to safeguard your interests.

4. Mediation leads to 50/50 spit of debts and assets

As long as both parties think clearly and are reasonable, negotiation is successful because it allows them to decide how they will divide their assets and debts. Everyone has the opportunity of providing valuable input to their mediator and the attorney regarding their financial situation. Mediators do their best to ensure that both parties have equitable distribution of assets and debts. Fair division doesn’t always mean a fifty-fifty split.

5. Couples with high net worth should never consider mediation

Three things must be determined in a divorce: child support, parenting plan, and division of assets and debts. Regardless of how much you have under your name, the dynamics remain constant. All you require is a mediator with the right experience, training, and humility. You are also allowed to bring in experts like parenting experts and wealth managers. There are many ways of ensuring you get a fair settlement. You may be able to gain additional insights at Matrimonial Home.

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